Chico Matada Group explored Helsinki's academic jazz scene as a jar of red pepper on a standing table...”

Helsingin Sanomat

Like wild African food: vegetables, onions and chili. Eating fingers and telling stories at the same time. Laughing a lot and crying a little. Relaxed and playful as spontaneous jams. Such was the gig of the Chico Matada Group... ”

— Jazzkeittiö


Formed in 2018, Chico Matada Quartet came together on the streets of Helsinki’s live music circuit, where musicians come together to jam and play with their bands. This is where Matada met Sami Jaakkola, Héctor Lepe, and Nikita Rafaelov, and together they are part of the Helsinki’s growing Jazz scene.

The Quartet’s music, is drawn from a mix of influences ranging from rhythm and blues- jazz influenced, to African, Mexican, Slavic and Nordic spices. The bands sound is characterized by a relaxed, creative and spontaneous grip.

Matada has also released his solo debut album, “Reflections” in December 2016, a collection of works reflecting his personal journey, musical interests as well as his debut as a bandleader, and composer. 

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