Chico Matada is a Mozambican born drummer, composer and recording artist, is currently based in Helsinki. 

In 2016, as a retrospect of his life experiences, Chico decided to go to the studio to record his debut album called Reflections. The album has a contribution of musicians from Mozambique, Ghana, Afghanistan, Denmark, Sweden and Estonia resulting in a true composite of cultures, which is reflected in this album.

A graduate in jazz studies from The Royal Academy of Music Aarhus, Chico has performed and recorded with artists such as, Chris Minh Doky, Andrew D’Angelo, Deodato Siquir, Rosengreen Trio, Rikkie Lie Flenesburg, and many others.

In 2018 shortly after moving to Helsinki from Copenhagen, Chico formed The Chico Matada Quartet  (CMQ) with Sami Jaakkola, Nikita Naberukhin, and Héctor Lepe, and together they are part of the Helsinki’s growing jazz scene.

The bands music is drawn from a mix of influences ranging from traditional and contemporary African rhythms, to Nordic sounds and Jazz related music. The live show displays their unique approach to perform music with complex structures and fine use of improvisation, yet easy to listen and enjoyable for every music fan.

In August 2018 they performed their debut concert at Caisa music Hall, and currently Chico is writing new music  for the quartet which will be performed on the band's coming concerts.